Crazy World of UFOs
The United States Navy finally admitted in September of 2019 that these pictures are real.  Mountains of UFO evidence remains top secret.
Some of the reports, pictures, and videos on this web page are real, and some are false.  You decide what is truth in this Crazy World of UFOs.
  See CNN's dramatic and historic UFO news story.  (2 minutes)

  Watch this flying saucer video with underbelly detail and no obvious CGI artifacts.  

  "Do you believe in magic?"  This 2006 documentary directed by Paul Kimball shows evidence the Majestic Twelve UFO documents are real.
   See it before it is taken down at

  Russian saucer crash and alien beings video.
 Some of it may be real.  Part I  (5 minutes)
 Part II  (10 minutes)  Beware, this is freaky-spooky stuff!

Photograph of extraterrestrial from leaked Russian KGB files

  Roger Moore hosts documentary about Russian saucer crash  (1 hour 11 minutes)  
  April 2020 UFO sightings.  Even a dog took notice.  
(10 minutes) 

  Tom Rogan claims UFOs have shot down Russian and Chinese military aircraft
 (4 minutes)

  The Nimitz Encounters  
| documentary  (32 minutes)

  UFOs Out of the Blue  feature film  (145 minutes)

  Bob Lazar
 1989 interview remembered by television news team  (5 minutes)

  Segment of an original 1989 television news story on Bob Lazar  (9 minutes)

  Joe Rogan talks to Bob Lazar  (2 hours and 14 minutes)

  Dr. Robert Wood, from McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, describes the big picture  (26 minutes)  

  British Ministry of Defense analyst Nick Pope on UFO sightings
| New York Post  (24 minutes)

  Chilean Navy video of mysterious flying object
| Fox News  (1.4 minutes)

  UFO Disclosure Conference, National Press Club, 2010  (84 minutes)

  Major George Filer III talks about extraterrestrial shot a Fort Dix  (24 minutes)

  Captain Bill Uhouse talks about aliens and saucer flight simulators at Area 51  (20 minutes)

  Black Triangle cover-ups | New York Post  (26 minutes)

  Black Triangle over Illinois - Police Sightings | National Geographic  (4 minutes)

  Alleged TR-3B silent triangular shaped US aircraft photographed  (10 minutes)

  14 UFO swarm off the coast of North Carolina  (3 minutes)

  UFOs over Black Sea  9/12/2019  (5 minutes)

  Zero Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner  (92 minutes)

  Extraterrestrial Structures on the Moon - Sgt Karl Wolfe  (23 minutes)

  Big News!  
The United States Navy has been granted patents on UFO style technology

   Amazing 1966 Australian flying saucer landing incident in Melbourne, Australia.

  Westhall '66: A Suburban UFO Mystery  (2010 49 minutes)

  Operation Saucer - UFO military encounters in the Brazilian jungle  (68 minutes)

  UFO video by DHS aircraft - Puerto Rico, April 25, 2013  (4 minutes)

  Spectacular flotilla of over 50 UFOs in Ecuador  (53 minutes) 

  Roswell's Mortician talks about saucer crash and dead alien bodies  (9 minutes)

  Dr. Paul Czysz made unbelievable things sound believable  (38 minutes)

  Dramatic flying saucer crash site story.  Is it incredible acting, mental delusion, or is it real?

  Short videos and news stories about flying saucers over Washington D.C. and Europe in 1952    1    2    3   4  

  Note the first flying saucer in this video.  If it is CGI, it is extraordinarily realistic.  
  Flying saucer landings in Langenburg, Canada, in 1974  
(28 minutes)

  Linda Moulton Howe testimony on ET alien cattle mutilation  (12 disturbing minutes)

  Linda Moulton Howe's
YouTube audio interview with Naval Officer Brian Linda about shocking discoveries in Antarctica

  Terrifying allegations of an alien base near Dulce, New Mexico.  (44 minutes)

  Anti-gravity aircraft over Cuba (4 minutes)

  UFOs Battle Over Las Vegas?  Reported to Mufon.  (3 minutes)

  This is what man made drones look like at night.  (1 minute and 48 seconds)

  140 years of UFO sightings
 (Historic UFO photographs going back to 1870)
  Part I -

  Part 2 -
  Part 3

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