Hara massages for health, relaxation, and meditation
     I believe that all of the co-called "chakras" below the head have dual locations.  One location is an area of the lower body, and the other is a nerve bundle in the brain.  The hara feels like it is in the belly behind the navel, but I believe there is a corresponding hara center in your brain.  It is the brain hara center that we actually feel.  The brain's mechanism for the creation of consciousness acts as a neurological map of your body.  It is through this neural-electricity driven brain map we feel pleasure and pain, a sense of location, and we are able to function with all the skills needed to stay alive and reproduce the species.  Massaging the hara's lower body location is excellent for health and a tremendous benefit for your practice of meditation because it helps make you more hara-centric.  The more you become centered in your hara, the easier it is to transcend the thought process and rest in the ground of being, which is what meditation is all about.

Hara massage for meditation

     Lay on your back, preferably as naked as you can get without feeling cold, and gently rub your abdomen with your full right hand in large clockwise circles around your navel (belly button).  Massage as slowly or as quickly as feels best.  Make twenty to sixty large full circles around your navel depending on how it feels.  Then use your left full hand to make a few gentle up and down sweeps of your abdomen, like brushing your teeth from the lower abdomen to the upper abdomen, from one side to the other, until you feel balanced.  Be careful not to compress your intestines.  Repeat this massage cycle for five to twenty minutes.

     There is no one-size-fits-all method for massaging the abdomen because we are all structurally different, and our body's condition is constantly changing.  Feel free to experiment and come up with your own unique massage technique.  The hara massage method is often helped by appropriate relaxing background music.  You can find wonderful classical, new age, and Asian music on YouTube.

Music recommendations:  French Meditation Music,  The Lark Ascending,  Gymnopédie No.1,  Raga Darbari,  Raag Darbari Buddhist Meditation Music,  Meditation and Healing Music

     An additional exercise that compliments the hara massage is to sit in cross legged fashion on your bed; put both your hands behind your back and rub your lower back up and down, both hands in unison.  You can do this as slowly or quickly as feels best.  This relieves stress and stimulates your neural pathways.  You can also massage your full back by lying on your back in the fetal position and simply wiggling around.  This is not unlike a bear massaging his own back by rubbing up against a tree.  Both the hara massage and back rub techniques complement the simple but effective yoga exercises recommended in Meditation Handbook.

Medical Massage - For an abdominal massage to improve digestion and elimination, watch this helpful YouTube video by Jini Patel Thompson.