Reincarnating through DNA

     On September 6th, 2018, I received DNA test results from, which I purchased on sale for $59.  Being adopted, my DNA heritage was more of a mystery for me than for those who were raised by their biological parents.  The test results reminded me that we all reincarnate through DNA, not through souls and supernatural processes.  Imagine all your human ancestors going back thousands of years, transferring genetic information that one day becomes you.  It's all physical and mathematical.  We reincarnate through bits and pieces of genetic code, not through a singular eternal soul.  The universe is an infinite mathematical structure and we humans are mathematically coded creatures.  As biological machines made of DNA, we reincarnate from many ancestors and are created through a long evolutionary process from single cell bacteria to man.  See the YouTube video, Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR.

Christopher Calder's DNA test results from

      59% from England, Wales and Northwestern Europe.

      25% European Jewish, primarily located in Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus.   

      7% from Ireland and Scotland.
      6% from France.
      2% from Norway.

      1% from Portugal.

      Migration to the USA through Central Georgia, Western South Carolina, and Central Mississippi and Alabama settlers.