Meditation Handbook by Christopher Calder

     Cosmic consciousness is real.  Mysticism is false.  A rock is a rock, and a tree is a tree.  Consciousness, cosmic or otherwise, is all in the brain.  There is no "spirituality" because
 there are no spirits, no souls, no ghosts, and no gods.  That is why gurus become corrupt, cults become dangerous, and disciples become foolish.

       Meditation Handbook   (Updated final version)

       Do you have a soul? 

       Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh, and the Lost Truth

       The Ridiculous Teachings of Wrong Way Rajneesh

       Common Lies of the Phony World of Mystics

       The TES Hypothesis

       Call For a New Buddhism

       Mathematics is the cause of human suffering

The Realms of Consciousness

      The Brain Jockey Club  and  *I am a Machine*   DNA Reincarnation

       Meditation and the Brain - video    

       Physicist Max Tegmark on consciousness - video    

       Dr. Susan Greenfield - “How does the brain generate consciousness?- video            

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       Food & Energy

       The Renewable Energy Disaster           

       Video Tutorial Cures Climate Hysteria 
- YouTube video play list   
       The Global Biofuel Disaster - video  

Windmills Kill Birds
- video 

The Fusion Revolution - new energy sources

       Moderating Climate Change Hysteria

       Starvation Hall of Shame   Crazy new climate theory, fact or fiction?

       Energy and Climate Myths Destroyed  (printable handout)