Christopher Calder
Christopher Calder at age 61 in 2011  

     Christopher Calder is just an ordinary guy trying to be a good neighbor.  Calder believes meditation should be considered a healthy recreation like swimming, hiking, or jogging, not turned into a supernatural religion.  When you make anything into a religion, be it meditation, energy policy, or political partisanship, that is when things tend to go wrong.  The Catholic Church tortured and killed people for Jesus; Rajneeshees poisoned hundreds for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (alias Osho); George W. Bush tortured and bombed for "freedom," and Mao and Stalin killed millions for communism.  What's the difference?

     Calder believes that J. Krishnamurti, Siddhartha Gautama, and a host of lesser gurus were wrong when they talked about gaining complete freedom through meditation.  That is a false promise and hope that no guru can fulfill.  He says that you can only get so spaced out that you don't care what happens, but that is not freedom.  Meditation is a way we can feel more free, but we should not delude ourselves into thinking that we actually are free, literally.  In this universe there is no such thing.

     We have no souls to save, but we have cells that will die.  We have to accept that fact and try not to take life seriously 100% of the time.  Our lives are all in the brain, and the brain is physical, not supernatural or "spiritual."  Gurus and religious organizations have invented myths of the supernatural out of ignorance and in order to gain money and power.  Calder says, "We have been fooled long enough."